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Hong Po Engineering Pte Ltd began manufacturing kitchen exhaust hood ventilation systems for commercial use since 2002. In Singapore, we supply kitchen exhaust systems , aircon ductworks, air cleaners (also known as electrostatic precipitator), ozone uvc germicidal lamp and fire suppressions system for various industries in Singapore.

We believe in that the benefits of clean and healthy air not only enhances quality of life, but also increases work productivity when offices and commercial buildings are free from harmful air pollutants and foul odours. Our products and services are extremely competitively priced thus making Hong Po Engineering one of the most affordable professional services companies in the business.

We care for our customers and value your business. That’s why we pay the highest attention to customer service. From initial contact right up to service, product delivery and post-delivery support. This is the customer service that we value ,  we strive to meet your specific needs. Our client list includes offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, factories, and many other residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Our Authority Certificate of Registration:

  • Professional kitchen exhaust system, aircon ductworks,  kitchen air cleaner (also known as electrostatic precipitator) & fire suppression system. (Factory No.  F48187j-001)
  • Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority Registration No. 200916023E
  • SCAL  Ref : ME01, ME02, ME03
  • Republic of Singapore Registered Designs Act (Cap 266) Certificate Issued Under Section 18 ( Design Number: D2012/881/G)

Hong Po Engineering Pte Ltd 2002年开始生用于商用途的排 气厨房通

在新加坡, 至今我提供厨房排气通,空管道空气化器(又称静), 臭氧紫外线杀菌灯和火灾抑制系统给于各种行。我相信当工作境无有害空气染物和臭,而是干与健康 的空气 不止能够提高生活量,也能提高工 作生力。 的服争力的价格合理,服务专业,使得 内最惠的专业公司之一。

关心我的客并珍惜您的业务就是什么我最注重客。从最初 系直到服品交和交助服都是我所重的客 致力于足您的特定需求。我的客包括公司,商,酒店, 工厂和多其它住宅, 和工厂施。


  • 专业厨房排气系,机械通,空管道和静器管道 (工厂号: F48187j-001)
  • 新加坡会计与企业管理局注册号码:200916023E
  • 建筑施工机构工头参考编号:ME01, ME02, ME03
  • 新加坡共和国注册外观设计法(第 266 章)根据第 18 条颁发的证书 ( 设计编号: D2012/881/G)
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